Alien Ghost Soldiers

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Alien Ghost Soldiers
“Modern Ghost Soldiers”


We have all born witness to decades of international terrorism; the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York is but a single example where murders use religion to justify their evil deeds. Governments the world over, have not been able to stem the tide, even while using large armies, supported by high tech naval and air power. These devil inspired criminal organizations have grown in numbers, spreading across the Middle East, and the entire northern third of the African Continent. It is not time for ‘we the people’ to consider other more effective options, in order to bring these evildoers to justice. Read the story below, a story that while fiction involves a truth that if implemented, would prove effective in the real world, in which we live.

There are those who commit murder as well as other vile crimes, and think they do God favor! These are they, which seek to implement dictatorial rule over the people, suppressing their God given unalienable rights. Our system of justice has not, nor indeed cannot deal with these types of crimes, crimes better dealt with by extra-ordinary means.


The Story of John Steele
Friday 11 September 2015


By Alexander Trimble
John Steele, nicknamed by his friends’ Iron Man’ was raised by a hardheaded businessman father who took no guff from his sub ordinances, but his mother was of a more practical nature. When little John was but a boy of seven years in 1989, one school day morning his father had just left the house early, as was his custom. John had a habit of asking just about any question that came into his mind, after all he thought, how is a boy to learn, if he don’t ask? John had washed himself, dressed and was seated at the kitchen table, he could hear in the background the topic of Saddam Hussein being discussed on the television in the living room not far away.

The ideas that a bad man could run loose and not be brought to justice stirred in his young mind, so he popped the question, “Momma, how come this Sadam fella, can do whatever he wants and no one can catch him.” Though the boy had mispronounced Saddam name, his momma understood! His mother Anna Steele, answered him in a way that would stick with him well into manhood, effecting the course of his life. More then that, though Momma Steele had no such intention, still, her words would prove to be a prediction of things to come.
Momma Steele looked at her son, knowing he was a growing boy, who would one day be a man, and she had every hope and prayer, that he would be a good and effective man, at whatever honorable course he chose in life. “Johnny, she said, this bad man cannot be caught because those in authority choose to send an army after a single varment. It might be impressive, but not the best way to catch one single varmint. It would be much better to send a varmint hunter!”

Little Johnny, as his mother often called him, would tuck his mothers words away in his mind, he would long ponder, what she had said, years after the incident had passed. Operation Desert Storm as it would later come to be known, would be launched on 17 January 1991, and involve 34 nations, along with approximately 500,000 troops. Now, as a young adult, John Steele having followed in his fathers footsteps and taken up the life of a businessman, once again thought back on his mothers words.

While one day carrying out his duties in the family business, his Secretary came into his office with an excited look on her face. Mister John she said, the President, President Bush, has launched Desert Storm, all the news networks are covering the story, and estimates say, there must be at least half a million men or more involved.” John looked up from his desk at Allicia Pikes, his trustworthy Secretary, “thank you Alicia, I will want to hear more of it later! Somehow his mothers words, spoken so long ago, was all of a sudden headline news.

It was Thursday 17 September 1991, and while his mother never intended her words to be a prophesy, merely an opinion, still she had been unknowingly accurate. Her words came back to him, “… those in authority choose to send an army, after a single varmint.” It is like killing a single fly with napoms, he thought! John Steele’s family business was automatic weapons, as such he had close contacts with numerous weapons manufactures, throughout the western world.

Mr. John as he Secretary called him, had a close and friendly relationship with numerous Veterans Groups, encompassing every branch of the military. Then and there, he decided to call, what he though of as his Outsiders, which were a group of professionals from every possible field, who met on occasion so as to privately compare notes. The goup, in a mannor of speaking would sense, as to what was in the air, business wise. The group was a carry over from his fathers time, a group that helped the family stay ahead in the business world!

The Steele family and their business was located just outside of Dallas Texas, his family being Texicans for many generations back, had fought in the War with Mexico in 1836, then for the Confederacy in the early 1860’s. And his favorite hero from that era was General John Hunt Morgan, from whom he would draw much, while updating Morgan’s strategies. The Yankees saw General Morgan as a Guerrilla Fighter, and perhaps he was! John Steele on the other hand, drew his knowledge of business from his father’s side, and a sense of practicality from his mother.

The coming Monday, 18 January, was Martin Luther King Day, according to the calendar, but long before Mister King’s time, the day was known in Texas as Confederate Hero’s Day. While the company would not actually closed for business, John decided to call a meeting of his ‘Outsiders’, for Saturday the 16th. The topic of discussion would be the forming a private, publicly, and officially unknown Dark Ops Command. It would be the most effective command of its kind, but one so secret, even its name and vary existence were to be unknown.


The Outsiders Assemble
Saturday 16 January 2016

Key leaders of the ‘Outsiders’ about a dozen, gathered at a ranch owned by one of its leading members, a Mister Martin Mckenzie.  The team of 13 counting John Steele himself, shared rides to the ranch, so there would not be the appearance of a parking lot filled with ‘cars and pick up trucks’.  Instead there were only two vehicles, and they were parked inside Mckenzie’s large barn, the same place as would be held  the meeting.  The men had not been forwarned as to the topic of discussion, but they did have somewhat of a hunch.

Nonetheless if Mister Mckenzie thought it important, they’d make it a point to be there, on time!  They didn’t have to wait long, when Ole Marty as he was often called by his close friends, entered through the back side of the barn.  He made his rounds of shaking hands and entering into a bit of small talk, then he addressed the assembly of his close friends.  “Gentlemen, the time has come, we can no longer stand by on the sideline, and watch one administration after another fail in their effort to bring down a whole slew of worldwide trouble makers.

Perhaps at my age I should be thinking of retiring a few years down the road, rather then laying out a strategy for a most dangerous project, even for the nations government.  Let alone few business man gathered together in an old barn!  But the job has been trust upon us, so it is we ourselves that must deal with dictators, terrorists and a host of other evil men, for freedon’s sake. “  One of the men gathered there that day, a Mister Walden Johnson interupted Mister Martin!  “Marty, what exactly are you suggesting, that we form our own private army?”

Marty glanced over at Walden, “No my friend, we have neither the resources or the financing necessary for such a venture, besides we’d only be duplicating what so many nations have already done, and with the same meager results.  No, our solution lay in another direction entirely.  John, would you explain to them, what you’ve told me?”  John Steele arose from where he was seated on a bail of straw, and walked forward.  He glanced at the faces of the other men, knowing what they must be thinking!

“Let me begin my telling you what my mother, Momma Steele said to me, as a 7 year old boy, something that has crawled around in my mind ever since.  Johnny, she said, a bad man cannot be caught because those in authority choose to send an army after a single varment.  It might be impressive, but not the best way to catch one single varment.  It would be much better to send a varment hunter!  Well in our case, I suggest we sent varment hunters, at least two teams of about 6 or 7 each, made up of very special men.

Simply put, we search out the most unusual men, men having that God given gift whereby they can search out and find anyone, anywhere, irregardless of location.  Men who seem to have that certain nack for being able to appear and disappear at will, leaving only disaster and the enemies dead and dying behind.  Members of these teams must be the best of the best, the rare and unusual few!  It would be better if they were all single men with no family ties, and let me say that such men are not numbered as if one in a thousand, but rather one in a million.

Men who are overlooked by government, and the military, because they do not fit the mold; I call these men ‘The Ghost Soldiers.’ Where the Military’s Special Forces end, is where ‘The Ghost Soldiers’ begin; These men will be our varment hunters. And they will be so secret, they’ll leave behind not even as much as a fingerprint or an identy mark of any kind, they’ll will be faceless, nameless, and without a personal backgound to trace.” Nearly all of the the Outsiders had been seated by this time, but they now arose, with an awe struct look on their faces.

Introducing the Ghost Soldiers
Saturday 16 January 2016

The barn was darkened by this time, save for the immediate area on the floor level, in the middle of the barn, which was lighted by two battery operated lanterns.  The lanterns rested on bales of staw, positioned forward and at opposte ends of the gathering, Marty and John stood together looking over the gathering.  After the impact of what he had said finally sank into their heads, Marty began to speak.  “Gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to the 21 members of the Ghost Soldiers.”

The members of the Outsiders only a while moments before had sat back down, but they now stood to their feet once more, as The Ghost Soldiers entered from the back side of the barn, and stood at the outer fringes of the lighted area.  These men now stood together in a formation of 3 rows, 7 men to a row.  But what  was astonishing was that they all wore matching black, outfits which made them appear much like an army of alien invaders.

They appeared somewhat like divers, in an odd sort of way!  They also wore masks over their heads and faces, like unto a form fitting helmet, more so then a sky mask.  Marty could see that everyone had that look on their face, as if they had a million questions!  Turning to John, he tried to break through what had become a mezmerizing situation.  John, explain to our fellow Outsiders, regarding the appearance of these men!  John glanced at Marty, then began to speak, “The suits you see these men wear are like unto a modern, high tech version of armor.

For several decades science has attempted to create a suit, a suit that will not only protect the wearer from most kinds of hostile action, but also give him added strength.  These suits are a result of that research!”  While he spoke, one of The Ghost Soldiers walked over and stood in front of an Outsider’s vans, he then reached down and picked up the front end with only one hand.  Marty then broke into and began to explaination, “their suits are also environmentally controlled, included are one way eye piece visibility, and an air control devise for the mouth.

And these men as they stand here, cannot be picked up on radar or heat sensors; these men are as close to being invensibile as humanly possible at the present time.  And as you can see, they cannot be identified; no finger prints, no eye or facial identification.  The human figures you see before you, might easily be robots, inside those suits!  These gentlemen, are our varment hunters, and they are more then experts at what they do!  Howbeit, you will never see them again, all you will see in the future, are the results of their having passed through a given location.

Everyone present glanced at the 21 members of The Ghost Soldiers, then back at Marty, but somehow in that instant, The Ghost Soldiers simply disappeared, as if they had never been there.  The leaders of the Outsiders closed the meeting and they all dispersed to their homes.  Two days later, a Monday there seemed to be no signs that a meeting had ever taken place, nor that a group of men, known as The Ghost Soldiers, had appeared.  John went about his business chores for the fire arms business, he ocasionally thought to himself, maybe none of it did happen.

The other men of the Outsiders dared not even glance at one another in a suspecious manner, least someone began to question.  But then what could they question, that men appeared, which looked like space aliens, space aliens that could lift up a heavy van with one hand?  That kind of rheteric could lead to a padded cell or else a rubber room!  So, for the time being the entire incident faded into the background, and even the skeptical Mister Walden Johnson, began to believe that just maybe, he had dreamed the entire affair. .

The Ghost Soldiers Strike
Friday 29 January 2016

Nearly two weeks passed and no word was heard from The Ghost Soldiers, and a few of those who had attented the Outsiders meeting on Saturday 16 January, had returned to their normal routine, with precious little thought given to the topic.  It was a pleasant day in Huston, a day that was unfolding just about as normal as could be expected.  Linda McPhearson, the Secretary to Mister Martin McKenzie stormed into his office, Mister McKenzie, its all over the news.  Marty looked up from a contract he had lying on his desk, “What is all over the news?"

Linda, having worked for the old man for a number of years, knew all to well that he was usually up to date on world events, if for no other reason then that it was good business.  Mister Martin, she often called him, showing her Southern upbringing, “large groups of terrorists in three different countries were attacked, eye witness say they were holding meetings, many of their people were in attendance.”  Miss Linda, “do these eye witnessed happen to know who it was that managed to discover, they were holding meetings, and then attack each of the groups?"

Linda glanced at her boss, with a look that spoke louder then words, in bewonderment as to whether or not she should repeat what some of the news broadcasts were saying.  “Yes sir, she said, news reports from on scene are saying locals saw space aliens fleeing into the night; sounds craze to me boss.  Space aleins, its nuts!”  Old Marty looked up and across his desk at his secretary, “perhaps it is Linda, perhaps it is.  But we shall see, won’t we!”  Linda turned and left her bosses office, returning to her desk, which was just beyond the his door.

Marty picked up his TV clicker and turned on his televion, positioned across the room, he normally favored Fox News, but the channel happened to be on the liberal CBS, who suprisingly was covering the event.  Someone had made a skektch of the, so called space aliens, which had attacked terrorits groups in three different countries.  He smiled and thought to himself, “these space aleins bare an uncanny resemblance to The Ghost Soldiers.”  He rubbed his well trimmed beard with his left hand.

Then giving a slight grin, he said within himself, “no matter, they are doing the job governments either cannot or will not do themselves.”  As he watched there was yet another little detail that even a liberal network couldn’t hide, there was no reports of gun fire, explosives or gass of any sort being used.  Except perhaps briefly by the terrorists attending the meetings, who were said to have been spun around the room as if thrown so hard the impact killed them.  Yet none of these brilliant journalist could figure what lead to their deaths!

“Well he thought, they can’t blame this one of either of the Presidents Bush!”  After a few days, most of the networks let the story pass from the news headlines, that is until the three day weekend of 13, 14 and 15 February, when reports of a Terriorists Malitia being vertually destroyed.  And again, no reports of gun fire, explosives or gas were reported!  While the liberal networks were assembling their lip flapping panels, attacking the aliens as they were being called, more then the terrorists, Fox News at the very least had sumised, these were no space aleins.

Marty had spent the weekend in Dallas with his daughter and son-in-law, and several adult grand-children.  Upon his return, It was Monday the 16thof February, when his trusted Secretary Linda McPhearson entered the office.  Mister Martin, maybe I shouldn’t interupt you like this again, but there’s been another mass attack upon a terrorist group, this time a army of them located in Yemen.  Old Marty once again had been busy at his desk, as he looked up at Linda!  Its alright, I pay you to, among other things, to keep me informed, and so you have!

Marty seldom used the televion in his office, but over the past several weeks, its become almost a daily event! But based upon his Secretary’s advise, he picked up his TV clicker, thinking within himself, “Let me see what our boys are up to now.” Linda had not left the office yet, as Marty viewed the news for about ten minutes! He then turned off the television, and gave a myschevious grin, like someone who had just pulled off the deal of the century, and just perhaps he had.

Linda glanced over at him, catching his expression of delight! The old man returned the glance, “I am not the least bit surprised at seeing how the Washington Polititians have reacted. They are putting on a big show, as if this is all part of their strategy, when in truth, they haven’t a clue! Yet you can bet Linda, they will take all the credit, whenever doing so, will make them look good, as if they are on top of the entire situation. Linda glanced at her boss, “Are they Space Aliens?” Old Marty laughed at the thought, “That’s straight out of the area 51 Handbook!” 

God save the Confederacy


“In my view, the Christian religion is the most important and one of the first things in which all children, under a free government ought to be instructed...No truth is more evident to my mind than that the Christian religion must be the basis of any government intended to secure the rights and privileges of a free people.” ... Noah Webster.  International terrorists have not yet comprehended this; perhaps it is time to impress upon them, that which should obvious.