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"A Confederate Patriot Website"
This webpages is dedicated to advocating the Confederate Legion and its Gideon Battalion!  Many items are not directly related to the mission; still, all are important in a general way, to the Confederate Cause.  You will find on this website, articles that may seem to some, to be very controversial, while others are simply a restatement of our principles and policies.

You are encouraged to scroll down the menu of WebPages from the Confederate Legion website, and log onboard the items of your choice.  Also be sure to pass the word about the Confederate Legion and its Gideon Battalion, which is covered on several webpages.


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Log onboard today; you'll enjoy various the stories and interesting articles!Our purpose here is to make it easier for you to locate your favorite article, document or story; therefore the menu below is posted alphabetically.

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A Christmas Miracle
A Confederate Christmas
After the Liberation
Ahab of the North
Alien Ghost Soldiers
All Seeing Eye

Amending the Constitution

America in Prophesy

An American Sodom
A Nation on its Knees
A New Vision
Angel at my Door
Angel in Gray
An Humble Christmas
An Unbiased Press
A Quiet Place
Army of Georgia
Bankrupcy of an Empire
Banners of a Nation
Battle of Criswoldville
Battle of Shiloh Church
Bible and Guns
Black Confederate Soldiers
Boys Leadership Fraternity
Brotherhood of the Gray
Brothers and Sisters
Brush Arbor Days
But for One Man
Carmack's Pledge to the South
Chief Grey Eagle
Children of the Wind
Christian Declaration of Rights
Christian Foundations
Christian Movies
Christian Perspective
Christmas Encampment
Chronology of Battles
Civil Rights Gone Amuck
Clash of the Titans
Climate Change Nut Cakes
Commander Brutus Marcus
Commander in Chief
Commander in Chief B
Commanding Presence
Confederacy or Totalitarionism
Confederate Christmas {Blog}
Confederate Christmas 
Confederate Churches
Confederate Congress
Confederate Constitution
Confederate Creed
Confederate Elections
Confederate Holidays
Confederate Fighter Squadron
Confederate First Lady
Confederate First Lady B

Confederate Historic Dates

Confederate History Menu

Confederate Icons
Confederate Legion
Confederate Legion Flag

Confederate National Flag
Confederate States of America
Confederate Holidays
Confederate Icons
Confederate Reminiscence
Confederate Soldier's Prayer
Confederates at Okinawa
Conference at Irwinville
Consent of the Governed
Contact Us
Country Music Angels
CSA Government
CSA News
Dates of Secession
Deep Space Mission
Defending the Confederacy
Destiny at the Door
Detour Along the Way
Division of Forces
Doorway to Glory

Dreams and Visions
Dust in the Attic
Edmuned Ruffin's Revenge
Feature Articles
Feminine Gray-backs
First Family Christmas

Foundations of Christianity
Freedom’s Last Stand
General Graylon Tyson
General John Hunt Morgan
George B_ McClellan's Vision 1
George Washington's Vision 1
Ghosts of Confederate Past
Ghosts of History
Global Warming Debunked
Global Warming Scam
God of Abraham
God's Signature
Harvest Time
Hall of Heroes
Home for Christmas
Hospital Chart Bloopers – Humor
Humble Christian Upbringing
Humor Central
Indian Slide Show
In the Beginning
James 2:1-26
Jesus or Santa Claus
John 14:1-31
John Singleton Mosby
Journey to Appomattox
Judah P. Benjamin

Judicial Tyranny

Justice of our Cause
Kansas Senate Prayer
King James Version
Land Across the River
Lee Fifty Dollar Bill
Left Behind Series - DVD
Legend of the Gray
Mantle of our Forefathers
March on Atlanta
Marriage and Divorce
Marty the Trucker
Matthew 24:1-51
Men in Gray
Military Veterans
Miracle at Appomattox
Modern Miracles
Modern Confederate Soldier
My Boyhood Church
My CSA News
National Symbols
News Commentary
New York New York
Occupation State Flags
On Holy Ground
Our Greatest Hero
Our Flag's Meaning
Overused and-or Misused
Passers in the Night
Passing of the Sword
Phantoms of Crooked Lane
Pilgrimage to Masada
Point of Honor
Prelude to Liberation
Presidential Quotation
Pride in my Flag
Principles of the Cause
Proclamation of Independence
Professor Remus Wrathbone 
Protocol of Flags
Race and Gender
Ranks and Insignia
Rat Exterminators
Rebirth of a Nation
Rebirth of the Confederacy
Reclaiming our Liberties
Return to Paradise
Return to Richmond
Return to Yesterday
Rip in the Fabric of Time
Romans 1:24-32
RTF Archives
Rural verses Urban
Sam Davis – Confederate Hero
Short Story Time
Sins Worthy of Death
Siege of Fire Base Alpha
Slide Show
*** Laurel Hill Creations
Soldiers of the Cause
Someone Else's Rights
Southern Belle Sorority
Southern Poetry
Standing on Principle
Stranger in the Crowd
Sword of Democles
Take Me Home
Task Force
Taxes and Indebtedness
The Admiral’s Rejects
The All Seeing Eye
The Ape Rulers
The Big Black River
The Black Brigade
The Black Knight
The Cause of Liberty
The Christian General
The Chaplain's Corps
The Chess Master
The Christian Soldier
The Christmas Encampment
The Church Visitor
The Clouds of Heaven
The Coming Apocalypse
The Coming Judgment
The Confederate Cause
The Confederate Creed
The Confederate Gladius
The Confederate Resurrection
The Confederate Standard {Blog}
The Cost of Faith
 The Countersign
 The Criminal General 
The Darkest Day
The Day Time Ended
The Dawn Riders
The DEA Officer - Humor
The Death of Liberty
The Double Standard
The Dream Barrier
The Empty Tomb
The Esoteric Knights
The First Commandment
The Food Police 
The Ghost Raiders
The Gideon Battalion
The God of Abraham  
The Golden Sword
The Golden Sword Society
The Gray General
The Home Invasion
The Invisible Warriors
 The Last Sunset 
The Last Soldier
The Lincoln Legacy
The Little Old Lady - Humor
The Littlest Soldier

The Lost Regiment
The Man from Shenandoah
The Mark of a King
The Mighty Stonewall
The Modern Sodomites
The Moon Over Jerusalem
The Ongoing War
The Palace Guard
The Parallel Confederacy
The Passing of the Sword 
The Patriot Guard
The Phantom Fleet
The Pharaoh President
The Pillar of Fire
The Prayer of Ezra
The Pre-1945 Generation
The Pre-tribulation Rapture
The Prophet Jeremiah
The Road to Tyranny
The San Andreas
 These Self-Evident Truths
These Socialist States
The Silent Avengers
The Sixteenth President
The Sodomite Invasion
The Southern Cross
The Story of Christmas
The Ten Commandments
The Terrorist Hunters
The Time Soldiers
The Uncommon Bond
The War Horse
The War Ravens
The Wise Old Owl
They Came from Beyond Time
Those People
Time Stood Still
Touched by Grace
Traditional Country Music
Tyrant in the Whitehouse
Twinkling of an Eye
Union War Crimes
Unknown Soldier’s Prayer
Unit and Rank Structure
Unsheathing the Sword
Visitors from Beyond
Victory at Gettysburg
Warning - Warning - Warning
Waverly Tideland
When Darkness Falls
When the Moon is Full
Where Angels Tread
William Techumseh Sherman
Wimbledon’s Raiders
Window in Time
Winds of Atlanta
Women in Men’s Apparel

Wrath of an Angry God

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Dixie Band 
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“God governs in the affairs of man.  And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?  We have been assured in the Sacred Writings that except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.  I firmly believe this.  I also believe that, without His concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel” Constitutional Convention of 1787 | original manuscript of this speech … Benjamin Franklin